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Community Owned / Operated Farms

Jesse Herrera

A time and place based initiative to incubate community based urban farmers to be a catalyst for local economic development and entrepreneurship. T...)

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Utilize technology to distribute...

Jacob Taylor

A cloud-based inventory system allows food insecure households access to a client-choice food pantry through their mobile device, similar to the gr...)

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Transformative Community Market

Community Member

Create a destination venue anchored by a quality grocery store, and containing restaurant and an economic hub for food entrepreneurs.. The economi...)

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Aggregation Station

Matt Sheldon

Imagine a place you could stop by on your commute to pick up preordered grocery or meals from any grocery store you choose all from your phone. T...)

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Healthy Mobile Grocery Store

Community Member

We know that food deserts are a problem in many low income areas in Dallas. There is a lack of access to healthy fruits, veggies, dairy, protein, e...)

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Convert Portions of City Parks i...

Geri Strong

The City Park & Recreation Department could convert portions of City Parks into Food Forests by planting perennial edibles in areas where residents...)

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Gardening to go! in a bag


In my opinion, providing schools with incentives to have a vegetable garden would really be great. There are a lot of barriers schools face in term...)

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